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M-SuDoKu 0.9.7

Free (under GPL license) J2ME version of popular SuDoKu puzzle game!

Licence: Freeware
Date de publication: 2011-08-12
Compatibilité: Java
Taille: 56KB
Auteur: PhonPhun

㊣Avaliable Languages㊣

Description M-SuDoKu 0.9.7

M-Sudoku can run on any device with color display which supports J2ME CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 - don't be scared by acronyms, any mobile phone/PDA which offers Java support should be able to run the game.

Once you have downloaded the M-SuDoKu.jar file from this page to your PC, send it to your mobile or PDA through infrared, bluetooth or (if you have it) connection cable (the most appropriate solution to use depends on your device and your PC...).
If the file transfer is successful, you will find the M-SuDoKu item installed in the game menu.

When you run the program, it will show you a SuDoKu grid: move the cursor using joypad (or, depending on your device model, numeric keys), press the fire button (or 5 key) and use numeric keys to enter a number in the selected grid.
Another input mode is available for devices without numpad; starting from version 0.9.0, a third input mode has been added, which uses the joypad to move the cursor through the grid and the numpad to directly type numbers (without pressing the fire button as in the default mode).

Now you can easily create translations and customize the appearance of M-SuDoKu: just follow the instructions in this guide!!!.

-Help: to show game instructions;
-Level...: to set difficulty level (either Medium or Difficult);
-Background...: to choose the grid background;
-About: to show the program info;
-Input mode...: to set the mode used for entering the numbers (if you choose to use both joypad and numpad, you can highlight a number that you are sure is correct: just enter it twice in the cell);
-Restart: to erase the numbers from the grid and restart it;
-Cheat...: to show the puzzle solution (the whole solution, the solution of the 3x3 region or the single cell the cursor is in), to check if the number entered in the cell the cursor is in is correct, and to highlight the cells that can be solved;
-New puzzle: to create a new grid;
-Save and quit: to save the current grid and quit the program.

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