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Episode 30: Great Job Ice Hole!

  • Lizenztyp Purchase
  • Datum: 2011-08-12
  • Betriebssystem: iPhone
  • Dateigröße: 16.1MB
  • Hersteller: Bolt Creative Inc
Pocket God
Description Pocket God 1.29
Episode 30: Great Job Ice Hole!
The winter mayhem continues with an all new god power. Pinch the sun larger or smaller (or is it closer or further?) and the temperature changes. Make it cooler and the pygmies get an icy chill...until they freeze completely. Make it larger and they become hot and listless. If they overheat for too long, they catch on fire. If they are on the ice island, they will melt a hole in the island!. There they can fish, or encounter a squid monster. Also included is an easter egg. Drop something (from a different island, perhaps?) in the ice hole and a create a huge ice geyser!

Also included is a purchasable dance pack (99 cents, cheap!). This augments the dance function with 7 new dances, including The Fan Dance, The Chicken Dance, The Robot, All The Single Ladies and even Pants on the Ground with audio included! The pygmy zombies get a new "Smooth Criminal" Dance and the vampire can shake his booty to, "Staying Alive" with the other pygmies acting as backup dancers!

pocket god pc

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