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Le plus analogue logiciel:

This program calculates PointsPlus values.

  • Lizenztyp Freeware
  • Datum: 2011-08-12
  • Betriebssystem: Android
  • Dateigröße: 63KB
  • Hersteller: LessnickApps
Weight Watcher Points Plus
Description Weight Watcher Points Plus 1.0
This program calculates PointsPlus values based on the following equation:

PP = [(Wpro*Cp*Protein)
+ (Wcho*Cc*[total_carbs - dietary_fiber-sugar_alcohols])
+ (Wdf*Cdf*dietary_fiber)
+ (Wfat*Cf*[Total_fat-sat_fat])
+ (Wsfat*Cf*sat_fat)
+ (Wetoh*Cetoh*alcohol)
+ (Wsetoh*Csetoh*sugar_alcohols)] /35

Wx is the “weighting factor” for given macronutrient x (which accounts for thermogenic and penalty factors for a given macronutrient).
Cx is the caloric content of given macronutrient x.

The defaults in this calculator are based on US Patent: US 2010/0062119 A1.

To understand the roles of each factor, you can modify the factors used in the calculator, or return to the default settings.

Note, that WW does not appear to use the saturated fat term, although it is included in the patent.

The alcohol and sugar alcohol parts of the equation are also based on the patent. However, these are not part of the on-line or pocket WW calculators, and so their validity cannot be readily tested.

Finally, we in no way guarantee the accuracy of this calculator, or its role in your weight loss or maintenance. This is simply to be used to understand the apparent roles of different macronutrients’ contribution to a food’s PointPlus value, and should be considered for entertainment value only. Use at your own risk.

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